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Case Study: Doctors Who Train Abroad Perform Their Jobs Better

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If you have received a Caribbean medical education, chances are good that you will be better at your job than many of your U.S colleagues. This statement is based on the results of a study published in the BMJ.


If you are contemplating studying at an international medical school, you might want to heed the study’s findings. The benefits of such an education would seem to extend far into a physician’s career.
Whether you come from New York, Ottawa, Atlanta, or Newark, studying abroad may yield many advantages. You can be sure that you will receive a world-class medical education at Windsor University School of Medicine (WUSOM).


Why Doctors Who Train Abroad Are Better at their Jobs

Knowing that your Caribbean education will make you a better doctor is useful. However, you may wonder why this is the case. Here are some of the key points from the study, as well as some of the relevant observations of industry leaders:

  • Abroad versus the United States – The research for this study specifically focused on doctors who trained either abroad or in the U.S. Approximately 4,600 medical school graduates from U.S. schools, as well as 1,500 graduates of medical schools abroad, were included.
  • Scope and Size– The study took place from 2003 to 2006. The research was performed in Pennsylvania on close to 250,000 patients. The patients had been hospitalized due to congestive heart failure or a heart attack.
  • Death Rates– The overall death rate during the study was 5.4 percent. The death rate of the patients of the doctors trained in foreign countries was 9 percent lower than that of the patients of U.S. trained doctors.
  • Equal or Better: a Comfort to Patients– Study author John Norcini, who is president and CEO of the Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research in Philadelphia, made note that as a patient, he is comforted by the fact that overseas graduates do their jobs just as well as U.S. medical students.
  • Proof of Competence– In the past, there may have been some concern about whether doctors trained abroad were as competent as their U.S. trained colleagues. This new study proves that such concern is clearly unfounded. As the president of the American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin, Dr. Ajeet Singhvi, pointed out, the care provided by international medical graduates has now been proven to be of just as high quality as those who studied in the U.S. Dr. Singhvi also stated that in addition to being trained equally as well as U.S. doctors, those who trained overseas have also learned quite a lot from practical experience.
  • Harvard research associate, Dr. Yusuke Tsugawa, who led the study, asserted that the bar has been set quite high for those trained outside of the U.S. who wish to practice in the U.S. His assertions backed up that of Dr. Singhvi. International medical students must pass three exams, and they typically must do another residency in the U.S. before they can practice (as well as do clinical trainingabroad).

The Value of a Caribbean Medical Degree at Windsor University School of Medicine

Windsor University School of Medicine graduates are proud of their accomplishments. When you study at our university, you can be certain that your education will open doors for you. You may also be sure that you will be well-prepared for your future medical career. Call us today for information on getting a Caribbean medical university education.

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