Top 8 Study Apps for Caribbean Medical Students

For many medical students, learning complex anatomical terms, mechanisms of drugs action, diagnosing and treating different medical conditions, is indeed a challenging and arduous undertaking. Thanks to modern technology that has made it a bit easier for medical students to learn, understand and memorize intricate medical concepts and clinical knowledge. There are many medical apps available for medical students that you can download to stay on the right academic track. From memorization techniques to study planning, these apps give instant access to accurate information, references, and research studies.

Here are top 8 medical study apps for Caribbean medical students to make medical school a smoother and enjoyable experience.

  1. Human Anatomy Atlas

Anatomy is one of the most important and challenging subjects you will need to learn in medical school. If you are one of those students who find it difficult to learn volumes of complex terms and concepts, consider downloading Human Anatomy Atlas. It gives you an easy access to more than 6,000 3D structures that you can zoom and rotate from multiple viewpoints. It allows you to compare models with cadaver and diagnostic images. You will find definitions, pronunciations and detailed explanations of anatomical terminologies, injuries, diseases, and pathologies. You can test your knowledge by taking more than 1000 quiz questions to improve your learning in anatomy.

  1. Medscape

Medscape is one of the most useful study apps for Caribbean medical students and medical professionals that is comprised of educational courses and updates that can keep you up-to-date about the latest happenings in the medical specialties and FDA announcements. Medscape provides expert-authored clinical information about different diseases, medical conditions, treatments, and clinical procedures. You will find the drug reference tool that helps you find the right dosages, interactions, prescribing and safety information. The disease and condition reference tool will also find an updated clinical reference database.

  1. Epocrates

Another useful medical app is Epocrates that is famous for providing the most current safety, diagnostic and treatment information. You can find the database for over the counter drugs, brand and generic drugs that allow you to check dosages and interactions as well as consult peer-reviewed information about different diseases. Besides providing an in-depth clinical information and disease content, Epocrates also has handy calculators for BMI and GFR.

  1. Prognosis

If you are pursuing a clinical sciences program and want to check your diagnosing, testing and treatment skills, install Prognosis. It serves as an interesting game for medical students that allows you to test your knowledge. Prognosis will hone your clinical, diagnostic and decision-making skills by providing more than 600 simulated clinical cases and comprehensive information about patient conditions, diagnostic reasoning, and treatment. It is reviewed and validated by 150 editors and healthcare professional to make sure the information is accurate and clinically relevant.

  1. iSurf BrainView

If you are one of those students who want to pursue neurosurgery as your medical specialty, iSurf BrainView is a great app to download. It serves as a Brain MRI tutor that can be used to learn basic neuroanatomy and provides students an easy access to 3D MRI image stacks. By using scrollbars, you can navigate through stacks and the tools let you zoom in and identify structures. The quiz feature lets you identify the highlighted brain structure.

  1. Skyscape Medical Library

Skyscape Medical Library is one of the best medical apps for medical students, physicians, health professionals and nurses that provide an in-depth information on a wide array of topics, such as clinical cases, drugs, diseases and more. The app contains more than 400 resources from the most trusted medical resources and publishers. Skyscape Medical Library also provides clinical consult features, a handbook for intravenous medications, medical calculators, medical dictionary, and an eye manual.

  1. Radiology 2.0

Radiology 2.0 is one of the best study apps for Caribbean medical students, that can help you during your radiology clerkship and residency and makes it easier to read and understand CT scans. The app includes a large number of cases to make it easier to simulate reading CT scans. Each case is followed by extensive discussions with labeled images that help students learn and identify medical conditions and relevant findings. Radiology 2.0 contains stacks of CT images that help you learn and interpret CT scans correctly.

  1. MedCalX

MedCalX is a medical calculator that gives an easy access to a wide number of intricate medical formulae, scores, and classifications. You will find detailed information and comprehensive references for each formula, equation, score, and scale. It allows you to search for terms by name, categories, and keywords and give you many options to share the information with your peers.

Over to You

From managing abundant amounts of information to staying up-to-date with the latest research studies and advanced clinical practices in patient care, medical students have a lot of things to learn. Since medical school is no easy feat, these study apps for Caribbean medical students can help you become a successful medical student and future doctor.

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