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Admission Requirement to a Medical School in the Caribbean

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Once you make the decision to attend classes at a best caribbean medical school, you will need to be sure you are well prepared. Part of this process is fulfilling the admissions requirements for your school of choice. Another aspect of preparation begins much earlier than when you are applying for admission to a Caribbean University.

Once you make the decision to attend classes at a Caribbean medical school, you will need to be sure you are well prepared. Part of this process is fulfilling the admissions requirements for your school of choice. Another aspect of preparation begins much earlier than when you are applying for admission to a Caribbean University.


Whether your current address is in Calgary, Schaumburg, Orlando, or Detroit, we welcome you to Windsor University School of Medicine (WUSOM). We want your admissions process to be successful, and we will help you in any way that we can.

Preparing to Apply to a Caribbean Medical School
Before you begin applying to medical school, your journey starts in high school. Once you have determined the steps you need to take while still in high school, you will be able to face the admissions process with more confidence. Here are some of the ways to prepare for the requirements of medical school, as well as specific information you will need for admissions:

Take the Right Classes – Make sure you are taking the courses that can prepare you for medical school. Pre-med college preparatory courses include advanced science classes. Take honors or advanced placement classes in subjects such as chemistry, physics, anatomy, and biology. Mathematics classes are also important for high school students who wish to work in medicine.

Maintain Some Balance – Although taking relevant courses is essential, you should strive to maintain some balance with regard to your education. In addition to science and mathematics, college admissions officers want to see that you have taken a variety of classes. You should also participate in extracurricular activities to further your appeal as a prospective student.

Achieve Good Grades – Your grade point average should be as high as possible when you are in high school. The competition to get into medical school is always fierce, so make sure that you give yourself a competitive edge. If you find some of your classes to be challenging, an option the increase your grades would be to get a tutor.

Do Some Research – Experience in a classroom setting is only one facet of preparing for medical school. Just as you will need to perform clinical work in medical school, you should try to get some “hands on” experience while you are in high school. Apply for research opportunities for students who want to go to medical school. You might even be paid for your work.

Keep Kour Eye on the Prize – Remember your goals when you are toiling away at your high school studies. You may want to give up and try something less tasking at times, but you chose a future in medicine for a reason. Be sure to keep yourself inspired and focused! List the benefits associated with your chosen career when you need to regain your sense of enthusiasm. This will help you to remain dedicated to your dream.

Medical School Admissions in St.Kitts
Your admission to Windsor University School of Medicine depends on an array of factors. Refer to our requirements page for the specific details you will need. At Windsor University School of Medicine, we are delighted to welcome students with a passion for the medical field, no matter where you currently live.

Call us today for more information on admissions to our Caribbean medical university.

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