Interim President’s Message


Congratulations on attending the Windsor University School of Medicine program. Our mission is to prepare highly dedicated, compassionate, and competent students to become effective, socially responsible, successful resident applicants in order to practice medicine in their country of origin.

Over the past sixteen years, our faculty has worked with various student committees to update and improve our instruction. A continuous focus on change can be linked to the trends in medicine such as new technology, new research and the changing health care needs of our society.

Students must be prepared to deal with all the competing forces of a rapidly changing health care system, and demonstrate the qualities of professionalism during medical school and throughout their careers. It must be clear that we are committed to the best outcome for the patient. Each student must be constantly on guard to protect, defend, and be an advocate for patients. To accomplish this you must be diligent in your studies to acquire and extend your medical knowledge.

Our best wishes,

Dr. Brijinder K. Gupta