• May 4,2020
    COVID-19 Advisory:
    The Windsor University School of Medicine (WUSOM) continues to follow the global outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19). As a medical school, the health and safety of our communities – students, colleagues, and faculty are of paramount importance to us. To date, there have been 15 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the island federation of St.Kitts and Nevis. After closing the campus on March 13th, and in order to maintain a continuity of educational programming, Windsor University successfully transitioned to online instruction. Online delivery began on March 17th, which includes the remote administration of assessments. At this time, it is our understanding that implementation of these alternative arrangements for curriculum instruction and assessments should not result in disruption to the start of our May 2020 session, originally scheduled for May 4th. As each of you may appreciate, the COVID-19 situation is evolving, which is why we remain diligent and continue to monitor the impact on local and national regions. This pandemic is an unprecedented event that has affected several aspects of our lives; however this will be a transient challenge, which we will overcome. In the meantime, we encourage each of you to follow the basic precautionary measures that were sent in a previous advisory.
    The CAAM HP organization has decided to postpone the site visit portion for accreditation evaluation of medical schools, originally scheduled for April 2020. This also includes WUSOM with a potential visit in June. This decision is based on several considerations, including travel restrictions being imposed by several countries. For your information, this institution, along with others, was notified that we will be updated of new dates, as soon as travel restrictions are lifted.
    We have reached an important milestone in our efforts to pursue accreditation of the MD program. February of this year, we submitted a comprehensive Self-Study report, accompanying databases and supporting documents (3,000+ pages) to the CAAM HP.
    This report and related documentation represents the culmination of remarkable effort done by our talented and skilled faculty, staff and students. In addition, our medical students did an outstanding job in developing a comprehensive summary of the student survey. This summary provides insight and clarity from the student’s perspective, regarding the current state of educational quality, offered by the Windsor University School of Medicine.
    All the best to each of you, and have a well-deserved break. We look forward to continuing your educational journey to the MD with you, at the start of the coming May semester.
  • March 26, 2020
    March Advisory: COVID-19
    The Windsor University School of Medicine (WUSOM) has been continuing to follow the global outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19). As a medical school, the health and safety of our communities – students, colleagues, and faculty are of paramount importance to us. To date, there have been two(2) confirmed cases of coronavirus in the island federation of St.Kitts and Nevis. Accordingly, WUSOM is taking precautions to lower the risk of exposure to COVID-19 and do our part to curb the spread of the virus. This institution continues to assess the ongoing situation, and will actively communicate with students and personnel, as soon as new or updated information is made available.
    To maintain a continuity of educational programming, we have transitioned to online instruction. Online delivery began in March 17th, and we are currently working on plans to administer exams remotely. We are careful in testing and assessing the logistics of a solution which works technologically; is equitable, while maintaining integrity and validity of the respective exams. Some exam dates may need to be modified, however be assured that specific changes will be communicated. At this time, it is our understanding that implementation of these alternative arrangements for curriculum instruction and assessments, should not result in disruption to the start of our May 2020 session. As each of you may appreciate, the COVID-19 situation is evolving, which is why we remain diligent and continue to monitor the impact on the local and national regions. This pandemic is an unprecedented event that has affected several aspects of our lives, however this will be a transient challenge that we will overcome. In the meantime, we encourage each of you to follow the basic precautionary measures that was sent in a previous advisory.
  • March 13th 2020:
    We at Windsor University School of Medicine (WUSOM) have a responsibility to our students, faculty, and staff to do all that we can to minimize the spread of COVID-19. Thereby, in keeping with our steadfast commitment to the health and well-being of the WUSOM community and in consideration of the current status of COVID-19 spread and WHO declaration of pandemic status (even though currently there are no confirmed cases on the island of St.Kitts) the Board, President, and Deans Office after reviewing the recommendations of the Emergency preparedness committee have authorized that the the following steps should be taken:
    1) Students willing to travel to their home country are encouraged to do so. The instructions will be conducted through an online platform, commencing next week Tuesday, March 17, 2020. The attendance of the online lectures is mandatory and will be considered part of the required attendance policy to successfully complete the semester. The school will communicate directly to students, the specific requirements and assessments that may require alternative arrangements along with other necessary information, such as the expected date of return.
    2) Students wishing to stay back on the island may utilize campus facilities, and are required to follow the recommended precautionary measures to prevent illness.
    The COVID-19 situation is rapidly evolving; we will continue monitoring the situation closely. Therefore, updates will be sent to your institutional email. We encourage you to still follow the advisory sent earlier, as it provides valuable information and resources.
  • Wednesday 18th March 2020:
    The COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented health challenge that is having tremendous impact on the practice of medicine and the health professions, on medical and health education, and our daily lives. This fluid situation demands that we make difficult choices based on a variety of competing factors.
    To that end, all WUSOM students are being recalled from all clinical rotations effective immediately and until further notice. This was an extremely difficult decision — and not made lightly. However, it is in line with the actions of our affiliated hospitals and other medical schools across the Jamaica and United States.
    We understand that as aspiring physicians you have a deep desire to be in the clinical setting during this crisis. However, our decision is driven primarily by patient safety concerns — ensuring that the scarce supply of personal protective equipment is available for practicing health professional while they are delivering medical care.
    We are monitoring the situation closely and will reassess this decision as the situation warrants. We are committed to you and your education. We have a plan in place and you will be contacted soon by our clinical department regarding alternative educational experiences and how your rotations will be completed.
    We appreciate your patience and understanding as we all grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic and balance the many, competing priorities. We remain confident that we can deliver quality educational experiences that will help you excel as physicians and health professionals.
Attending an Caribbean medical school is a worthwhile option for students who want to serve humanity. Windsor University School of Medicine offers quality medical education, diverse clinical experience, state-of-the-art learning tools, optimal learning environment and digital classrooms. By providing clinical clerkship in the U.S. and Canada, our students will learn how to treat patients by utilizing cutting-edge medical technologies and resources. Graduating from the Best Caribbean medical school allows you to easily match into residency programs in the U.S. and Canada, get unique experiences and leadership skills that are required to pursue a rewarding career in medicine.


Experience an innovative curriculum offering diverse, hands-on learning.

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Why Should I Choose a Caribbean Medical School?

Attending a Caribbean Medical University – A Perfect Choice for Aspiring Students

Have you decided to learn medicine outside of the United States or Canada? An American Caribbean medical school is undoubtedly the best choice for those who are looking to pursue a lucrative career in medicine. Windsor University School of Medicine is located on an island in the Caribbean, St. Kitts, perfect for those who are aiming to pursue the MD program and lucrative career in medicine. WUSOM welcomes students from all over the globe to gain medical knowledge and advanced clinical skills. You will enjoy the perfect weather, beaches, sunshine, outdoor activities, that will help you maintain a study-life balance at the campus.

Widen Your Perspective by Interacting with Diverse people

While you will inevitably spend a better part of your waking hours studying, or in the hospital or classroom, you can spare some time to delve into a wide array of local cultures prevalent across the Caribbean. Additionally, the campus groups at most medical schools in the Caribbean are quite involved in local global health outreach. Student groups can cultivate long-term relationships with the Rotary club, clinics, orphanages, and local churches. When you step out of your comfort zone to include people with diverse cultural and economic backgrounds that are poles apart from your own, you set out to become a better physician down the road. When students strive to elevate the level of care they provide to their patients by depicting empathy, it adds to their experience pool.

WUSOM offers a Hassle-Free Admission Process

Caribbean medical university is one of the best medical schools in the Caribbean region that focus on providing an advanced educational curriculum, state-of-the-art learning technologies, digital classrooms, clinical training, and extensive hands-on patient care that give you a breadth of knowledge and skills that you can apply in real-world settings. If you want to fulfill your dream of becoming a qualified doctor and seeking admission to an American Caribbean medical school, WUSOM would be the best choice! From flexible admission requirements to an easy and hassle-free admission process, affordable tuition fee to financial aid, student career counseling to transportation, and on-site psychologist facility, Caribbean medical university provides a lot of facilities that make it one of the best Caribbean medical schools.

Admission Requirements

In order to gain admission to the Caribbean Medical University, applicants are required to complete an undergraduate degree. You should complete a minimum of 90 hours of undergraduate coursework before matriculation. You are required to complete coursework in general biology or zoology, inorganic or general chemistry, organic chemistry or biochemistry, physics, English or the humanities, and mathematics. You are also expected to submit a personal statement, two letters of recommendation, personal activities, and achievements. Here is an application checklist you need to apply to WUSOM: • Official transcript • Completed application form • Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) scores or similar test (Optional) • Two official letters of recommendation • Personal statement • Curriculum vitae • Two passport-sized photos Requirements for International (Non-U.S./Non-Canadian) Applicants • Official credential evaluation report of transcript through World Education Services (WES) • Official report of scores on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) • Refundable Security Deposit of $2,000

Apply to a Caribbean Medical School without MCAT

Did you know that the acceptance rate in Caribbean medical universities is four times more than the acceptance rate in the USA? The MCAT scores are a major gatekeeper of US medical admissions. Too many future physicians have witnessed the death of their career due to an over-reliance on the exam. Caribbean Medical University believes that a low MCAT score could be due to a plethora of circumstantial reasons and shouldn’t be a death sentence for a career in medicine. Even though medical schools in the Caribbean consider these exams as a valuable tool to gauge experience and past performance, they don’t snub off applicants just because of their MCAT scores. If you want to study medicine, apply to a Caribbean medical university with no MCAT.

WUSOM offers Rolling Admissions

One of the major benefits of applying to a Caribbean medical school that offers rolling admissions is that applications are evaluated in the order in which they are received. At Caribbean Medical University, Pre-med and MD program applications are accepted in January, May, and September.

We offer Academic Scholarships

Windsor University School of Medicine is a Caribbean medical school that offers scholarships and special funding support to our brilliant students. We have a number of scholarship opportunities that we offer to suitably qualified students to improve their academic performance, such as academic scholarship, clinical academic scholarship, U.S. military veterans scholarship, medical professional scholarship, international student scholarship, and organizational scholarship.

Caribbean Medical School Tuition Cost

Most medical institutions around the world come with a hefty fee structure that becomes unaffordable for students. On the other hand, the Caribbean Medical School of medicine poses an entirely different story. While most believe that federal loan is the best option for borrowers, it is not always a luxury for students who are seeking to support themselves. Therefore, Caribbean universities have established programs that offer medical courses that are easier on the pocket as compared to renowned universities from around the world. WUSOM offers quality medication education at highly affordable tuition cost that makes it easier for students all around the globe to fulfill their dream of enrolling in medical education programs. The average tuition cost of Caribbean medical university is $3,990 per semester for the pre-medical program, $4,990 per semester for the basic sciences program, and $6,490 per semester for the clinical sciences program.

Premedical Science Program

WUSOM offers Premedical Science Program that takes four years to complete the premedical Science program. Upon successful completion of 4 semesters of premedical courses, students are eligible to complete the Basic Medical Science program. In Pre-Med I, students will take biology with lab, general chemistry with lab, physics, English, mathematics, and pre-calculus. In Pre-Med II, students of WUSOM will learn about cell and molecular biology, inorganic chemistry, calculus, organic chemistry, physics, and history of medicine and DPC -I. In Pre-Med III, students will get the opportunity to learn in-depth medical concepts and take courses in biostatistics, organic chemistry with lab, food and nutrition, humanities, cell and molecular biology with lab. In Pre-Med IV, students will prepare for the intensive MD courses and learn about psychology, microbiology and immunology, biochemistry, anatomy and physiology, genetics and nutrition, and history of medicine.

Basic Sciences and MD Programs

After completing the Pre-Med Science program, students are eligible to take the Basic Science program and strengthen all the concepts they have learned in their Pre-Med courses. In MD I, students will take courses in histology, structural and development anatomy, introduction to clinical medicine and the role of physicians in global society. Our MD II curriculum is designed to provide students with an in-depth understanding of medical biochemistry and genetics, principles of biomedical research, and introduction to clinical medicine. The MD III curriculum is based on clinical practice and lab-based learning, providing students to learn about microbiology, pathology, neuroscience, principles of biomedical research and clinical medicine. In MD IV, students of Windsor University School of Medicine will have the opportunity to study pathology, pharmacology, behavioral sciences and bioethics, preventive medicine and clinical medicine. MD V curriculum prepares students for hospital clerkship so that they will be able to apply the techniques and theories learned throughout MD courses in a real-world environment. The will take electives to foster a well-rounded medical education.

Offshore Clinical Rotations

One other great benefit of getting educated at a Caribbean medical university is that it offers Offshore Clinical Rotations to all students who are attending college within their respective institutions. They offer them a chance to travel abroad, so that they can gain more hands-on experience from hospitals across recognized countries, such as USA and Canada. Now, if you are a native, what more do you want other than traveling back to your hometown and getting the exact clinical rotation that a Harvard University graduate is getting from a local medical facility. Windsor students have to complete 48 weeks of clinical core clerkships and 24 weeks of elective. They can take clinical clerkship in medicine, surgery, psychiatry, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, family medicine to gain an in-depth understanding of the basic areas of the medical field. Students are also required to complete 24 additional weeks of elective clerkships and compulsory selective clerkships. During 24 weeks of elective rotations, students will take rotations in a myriad range of medical specialties such as Cardiology, Nephrology, Neurology, Geriatrics, Hematology & Oncology, Infectious Disease, Pain Management, Geriatrics, Emergency Medicine, Radiology, Dermatology, Pulmonology, Urgent Care, Gastroenterology, Pathology, and Anesthesiology. They will also take clerkships in different surgical specialties inducing Orthopedics, Urology, Neurosurgery, Trauma Surgery, Cardiothoracic Surgery, Vascular Surgery, Plastic surgery, ENT, & Ophthalmology. While in selective rotations, students will take clinical clerkships in community medicine, preventive medicine, hospital emergency patient care, and research.

Residency Placements

Studying in a top medical school in the Caribbean will prepare you for a number of residency positions in competitive medical specialties. Graduating from Windsor University School of medicine will make you eligible to apply for residency programs in almost every medical specialty and subspecialty at renowned teaching hospitals of the U.S., Canada, and different other countries. Our graduates secure residency placements in medical specialties such as surgery, pediatrics, internal medicine, neurology, psychiatry, family medicine, anesthesiology, obstetrics and gynecology, and different other competitive programs.

Student Services for Fulfilling Your Needs

Besides providing an excellent academic experience and clinical training, a Caribbean medical university provides a myriad of student support services to make your time at our campus spectacular. We provide a range of support, advice, and other facilities to make your experience of living in St. Kitts. From housing and transportation facilities to career and psychological counseling, we will make sure to provide student support services to our students that will continue their education and achieve academic excellence. These student support services are designed to enhance the overall experience of studying medicine in a Caribbean medical school.

Cutting-Edge Learning Techniques and Innovative Learning Experience

Windsor University School of Medicine is one of the best Caribbean medical schools that strives to provide its students with the latest learning techniques, digital classrooms, video training, and interactive course content. Our students have access to an innovative learning environment, including hundreds of videos, digital books, tutorials that enable them to learn the intricate medical concepts and enhance their skills. In addition, our state-of-the-art clinical simulation center facilitates interactive learning through medical simulation that helps students to hone their clinical skills. The ultimate goal of providing this cutting-edge facility is to provide our students with realist learning opportunities and prepare them to apply their knowledge and skills in real health care settings. We believe in providing innovative educational curriculum, research opportunities, interactive learning, standardized patient programs, and early clinical exposure to provide necessary skills, knowledge, and competency for a medical career.

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