Housing Options for Caribbean Medical School Students

Housing Options for Caribbean Medical School Students

When you come to St. Kitts to study medicine, finding suitable housing will be imperative. You must reside in an environment that is conducive to the learning process. You will likely spend many hours studying in your new place of residence. 

At Windsor University School of Medicine (WUSOM), our Housing Department can assist you in finding the living accommodations that match your needs. 

Finding Student Housing and Coexisting with Roommates

WUSOM provides a variety of options for housing, so you should not have to worry about where you will live. Once you get settled in your new home, you may also need to learn how to coexist with another student. 

Here is some information on student housing in St. Kitts, as well as some helpful hints on how to get along with your roommate: 

• Furnished Apartments – If you opt to live in one of our apartments, you will only need to pack some basic necessities. Items to bring with you include clothing, towels, plates, and cups. You should also pack any personal essentials that you wish to have with you in school. There are apartments very near our campus, as well as others that are just a 20 to 25 minute drive away from the school. WUSOM also provides subsidized transportation for our students.
• Other Living Accommodations – You might choose to stay in one of several local hotels. These places offer specific options for WUSOM students. The housing consists of a room with a bed, a desk, a chair, a small refrigerator, and a television with cable. Other amenities include a general kitchen, a study lounge, a gym, and restaurants.
• Double Occupancy Rooms – When you select a room with two beds, you can benefit from the experience of having a roommate. Cohabitating offers various advantages, such as sharing the ups and downs of college life, exploring conflict resolution skills, and learning how to communicate effectively.
• Tips for Roommates – Living with another person successfully may be a learned skill for many individuals. Remember to respect the other person’s space by eating separate meals and allowing your roommate to spend time alone. Do not handle items that do not belong to you, so you do not violate a fundamental sense of mutual trust. Instead of establishing a list of rigid rules, learn to negotiate with each other. To enhance the experience, you might develop certain rituals, such as watching a favorite TV show together every Saturday. 

Adapting to Your Environment While Getting Your Caribbean Medical Degree
Whether you are coming from Vancouver, Toronto, New York, or Washington, becoming accustomed to student life can take some time. One of your first steps will be finding appropriate housing. Be sure to give your new home a personal touch that makes you feel comfortable. Take the time to become acquainted with your roommate if you have one. Also, do not hesitate to reach out to our Housing Department if you have questions about student living accommodations at WUSOM. 

Call WUSOM today at 1-869-466-1220/6157 for details about finding housing while attaining a Caribbean medical degree. You can also use our online contact form to reach us.

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