Dealing with Stress While Attending Caribbean Medical School

Dealing with Stress While Attending Caribbean Medical School

Pressure and anxiety are simply a part of life, especially for those in medical school. Some say that the pre-clinical years were the most stressful period of their life. Others experienced burnout later during their time at university, but they found ways to overcome it. Some students may struggle with weight issues, whether that means losing weight due to lack of appetite, or putting on extra pounds from overeating. 

None of us will ever have a stress-free life, but we can learn to manage various levels of stress that we experience. When you are enrolled in classes at Windsor University School of Medicine, we want you to get the most from your time here. That includes learning how to deal with the pressure of being a medical student. Developing this skill will benefit you as a doctor, as well. 

How to Maintain Emotional Stability in Medical School

There will certainly be days when you feel like abandoning your dream because it seems too difficult. This is normal for most students, and you can learn to cope with feeling overwhelmed. 

Regard the following as a how-to guide for handling the anxiety of balancing it all while in school: 

• Overcoming Stress-eating – If you find yourself mindlessly munching on unhealthy foods as you study, you are certainly not alone. Whether you are in the middle of mid-terms or final exams, you may find comfort in sweet or salty snacks. While you may not want to do this initially, start replacing processed food products with fresh fruits and vegetables. Be sure to eat enough protein on a daily basis, which will help to stave off cravings.
• Getting Enough Exercise – Do not allow yourself to stop exercising when you are in school. You need to move your body every day in order to remain healthy. This will also help to make you more resilient as you make your way through your busy schedule. Physical exercise keeps your mind sharp, as well.
• Limiting Alcohol Consumption – Even if you are not eating too much or too little, your weight could fluctuate if you are drinking to excess. Those weekend parties may be tempting, but you should indulge in moderation.
• Using Student Resources – Always remember that the WUSOM team wants you to succeed. We provide a variety of resources for students, and we hope that you will utilize these when you need them. Mentoring and career counseling are available, so that you do not lose track of the reasons you are here. Staying focused on your goals can help to reduce that feeling of being overwhelmed, which virtually every student experiences.
Managing Time – Research indicates that university students fare better if they develop time management skills. By adhering to a balanced schedule, you may be able to decrease your level of anxiety. You cannot always avoid late-night studying and last-minute pressures, but you can keep them to a minimum by exercising self-discipline and establishing a regular schedule. 

Embracing the Lifestyle at Our Caribbean Medical School
One of the top reasons that students choose St. Kitts is that it is so welcoming and beautiful. In fact, our students may come from a wide range of places, such as Milton, Ottawa, and Atlanta, in order to study here.
This area has so much to offer, from spectacular beaches to delicious, healthy cuisine to a national carnival. You might incorporate these aspects of island living with your Caribbean medical school routine, so you can minimize your stress when you are here. 

Call WUSOM today at 1-869-466-1220/6157 for information about earning a Caribbean medical degree. You can also complete our quick online contact form today.

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