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About Premed / MD (BSc / MD Program)
Bachelors in Sciences (Basic Medical Sciences)
MD Program



Welcome to Windsor Premed-MD program ! Premed-MD program at Windsor University School of Medicine includes one year of premed course work with comprehensive examination and 10 semesters of MD program.

This program is for students who have not completed the premed requirements for MD program at Windsor University School of Medicine. This is a special program for all the students who are guaranteed to enter into MD program at Windsor University School of Medicine. Most students who take pre-med courses have one year of Biology, Chemistry and Physics as main subjects during their course of study. The objective of learning these subjects as part of the most premed programs is for the student to understand the fundamentals of life with respect to chemistry, structure, normal and abnormal functions of the living systems.

The premed courses at Windsor consist of fundamentals of General and organic chemistry, medical terminology, Chemistry of human body, Structure ( Anatomy ) of human body, Function of Human body ( Physiology ), Pathophysiology ( Normal and abnormal functions of human body ).
There are two reasons for introduction of these courses in premed program at Windsor:
Student will learn the fundamentals of human body and will coordinate well and expand his knowledge when he is sitting in the classes of MD program.
Student is focused on the MD program.
Student would work through getting a Bachelors in Sciences (Basic Medical Sciences) as part of Pre-Med / MD Program. BSc is a 90 credit hour program at Windsor University.


Each applicant for admission is considered on the basis of their academic record, letters of recommendation, and the student's record of involvement in school and community activities. Central to our selection process is a personal interview which allows the University to assess the applicant's background, aptitude and in particular, the motivation for the study of medicine. The Admissions Committee selects those applicants who, in its judgment, appear to be best qualified for the study and practice of medicine.

While there is no exact formula, which can determine, whether you will be accepted for admission, the admissions committee basis its decisions on a combination of factors including grade point average, letters of recommendation, personal essays, the interview and professional or volunteer experiences.


Applicants must be a high school graduate with a minimum of 10+2 years of education from an American or internationally-recognized school.

Semester Guide  

Tuition Fee & Financial Information 

Course Semester Subject Exam
Premed 1 - 3

Cell biology and Medical terminology, General, Organic and Basic Biochemistry, (Understanding the fundamentals of Chemistry of human body ),  Basic Anatomy I, ( understanding the fundamentals of structure of human body )Medical Cell Biology ( Understanding the fundamentals of cell, Basic Anatomy II (understanding the fundamentals of structure of human body), Basic Physiology (Understanding the fundamentals of function of human body and its organs), Basic Patho Physiology (Understanding the normal and abnormal functions of human body and their organs)

Weekly tests and semester ending exam
MD 1 - 4 Biochemistry, Gross Anatomy I, Embryology, Genetics

Gross Anatomy II, Histology, Physiology, Neuro -Science, Pharmacology, Microbiology & Immunology, Pathology I, Behavioral Sciences, Epidemiology, Pathology II, Behavioral Sciences, Epidemiology

Weekly tests and semester ending exam
MD 5 - 10

History taking skills, Physical Diagnosis Introduction To Clinical Medicine , Applied Basic Science , USMLE -1 Test and Review, Clinical Rotations, USMLE -2 test and review

Weekly tests and semester ending exam


Tuition Fee for Premed Program  
The Objective of this program is to prepare the student for MD Program. The course work & Syllabus of this program reinforces the concepts of fundamental Premed & Basic Medical Sciences subjects. Our Premed program enables and equips the student well to master the Basic and Clinical medical Sciences taught in the MD program.
Premed Program Fee
One Academic year $ 3,990 ( Per Semester )
     Tuition Fee Included
     Dormitories (Housing) Included (School Provides Housing)
     Lab Fee Included
     Cafeteria Included (Restrictions Apply)
     Text Books Included (School Provides All Text Books)
     Local Transportation Included (School Bus Services)
     Anatomy and Histology Slides Included (No Charge)
     Microscopes Included (School provides at no Charge)
     USMLE - I Daily Evening Live Lectures and Review Included (No Charge)
     Windsor USMLE - I Programs ( Wintests, Win Pearls,      WinCases, WinMaster, WinUSMLE Quick Review) Included (No Charge)
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