The mission of the Windsor School of Biomedical Sciences is to provide students with the college-level foundation of Knowledge of basic sciences in the field of Biology, Chemistry, and Physics and should be able to apply their knowledge to the Laboratory conditions and as well as real-life scenarios. This will also introduce students to the general structure, function and behavior of the human body and how it relates and interacts with various systems. In addition, students should be able to gather sound knowledge on Communications, composition and research writing skills which will help them to express their scientific knowledge to the broader community. The student will also able to apply their basic mathematical skills to real-life scenarios. This, in turn, should help students to provide a better platform and will further guide them to pursue their careers in Medicine and other fields of biomedical sciences.

The Associate degree program will closely follow the recommendations of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Vision and Change Initiative that focuses on improving undergraduate biology education for all students by cultivating biological literacy and making undergraduate biology education more student-focused.