Caribbean Medical School

7 Solid Reasons Why You Should Study Medicine in A Caribbean Medical School (Infograph)

When you graduate out of high school or college, you always dream about getting admission in the best universities. Unfortunately, that is easier said than done. Even though you try everything in your power to get admission in that prestigious university you always dream about, a small percentage of students actually manages to make it past that point.

If you have faced rejection from top universities or have a lower MCAT score which prevents you to get admission into top medical schools in the world, medical schools in the Caribbean are a great alternative.  Nothing can compare to the stress of attending a medical school, other than applying to it. Though the application process of U.S. and Caribbean medical schools follow along the same lines, the devil is in the details. Here’s how they compare at myriad steps along your admission process, and why Caribbean universities prove to be a more flexible option:

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