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Mission Statement

The mission of Windsor University School of Medicine is to improve standards of medical education to the highest professional quality, in order to prepare future clinicians for the practice of patient-centered medicine. We hope to advance medical knowledge and health care through innovated educational techniques, and we always work to inspire lifelong learners to become exceptional physicians, researchers and advocates of health care and wellness.


Our alumni have had great successes after graduating from our exceptional program.

Jesse Morse, MD, MBA

Jesse Morse, MD., MBA

Dr. Jesse Morse transferred into Windsor University into the 5th semester Carbondale campus. He rotated through multiple hospitals in Chicago, IL, Shreveport, LA and Norfolk, VA. Dr. Morse has simultaneously completed a master’s degree in Healthcare Management.

Jocelyn Joseph, M.D.

Jocelyn Joseph, M.D.

Dr. Jocelyn Joseph is from Chicago, IL. She did her undergraduate at Michigan State University where she received a bachelor of science in Human Biology. She is a 2nd year resident at EVMS. Dr. Joseph is involved with research on chronic pain management and metric project on hypertension.

Joseph Howard, M.D.

Joseph Howard, M.D.

Dr. Joseph Howard attended the University of Southern California and earned his BA in Psychology with minors in Natural Science and Spanish. Following undergrad, he worked as a medical assistant for 6 months prior to beginning medical school. Following 5th semester, Dr. Howard transferred to Windsor University to complete his Clinical Sciences. Today, he is a PGY-II Psychiatry resident at Morehouse School of Medicine in Atlanta, GA.


At Windsor University School of Medicine we offer an excellent quality of medical education at an affordable tuition. This allows our students to potentially be debt-free and have fewer student loans in comparison to attending other private or public institutions.

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Why Windsor?

All prospective students should be excited to know that when you choose Windsor University School of Medicine, you will study medicine on a 17-acre campus. Here you can:

  • Apply with rolling admission semesters of January, May and September

  • Find fast application processing times of 4-5 weeks

  • Follow our unique 5 ½ -year pre-med/MD program or our 4-year MD program at affordable prices

  • Receive great mentorship and tutoring with a good student to teacher ratio

  • Obtain academic scholarships and student organization opportunities

  • Take assessments such as the National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME) to prepare for the licensing exams

  • Prepare for licensing examinations and transitioning into clinical sciences

We have strong resources to study for the USMLE as well as a review program for students to receive the latest materials and excellent guidance. After attaining great scores and becoming well-rounded applicants, our alumni match into a variety of disciplines for residency.

About the Island

The beautiful island of St. Kitts is home to our state-of-the-art medical institution. You will spend your first 4 semesters of pre-clinical training at our campus. From the moment you fly into St. Kitts, you will experience the splendour of the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean surrounding the island. You will find an easy transition into our island community where all amenities can be easily found including grocery stores, a variety of cuisine restaurants, dazzling beaches and more.


The academic faculty at Windsor University School of Medicine consists of experienced physicians and experts who are passionate about medical education. Students are taught through innovated educational techniques to provide you with the knowledge and practical experience necessary to become a competitive applicant for residency.

Clinical Rotations at Affiliated Hospitals

Clinical students have the opportunity to rotate through a number of ACGME approved hospitals across the country. Students can complete the whole clinical program at one location. Windsor University School of Medicine offers a clinical experience that includes hands-on training, good student to teacher ratio, presentations, research and networking opportunities. Students receive strong letters of recommendation from experienced preceptors to apply to residency programs.

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Residency Match

We are proudly affiliated with leading hospitals throughout North America and the Caribbean. Graduates of our programs have been accepted into residency programs in multiple specialties of medicine across the United States, in Canada, and around the world.

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