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Dear prospective Students / Parents
On behalf of the all the physicians, who are on the Board of Directors of the Windsor University School of Medicine (WUSM), I wish to thank you for showing interest in attending WUSM. Before I explaining about this opportunity to become physician, I would like to give you some basic Information on WUSM.
Windsor University School of Medicine provides one of the finest opportunities for a student to attain access to a career as a physician. I am very proud of the outstanding programs that we offer in this discipline.

Windsor University School of Medicine became a reality for the first time in December 1998. Our School of Medicine was one of the first to merit ECFMG-approval in the United States, and is widely recognized as producing some of the finest and most sought after Physicians in the world. Over 3,000 physicians are evidencing the quality of Medical education that our Medical School provided to to them as students. With out Windsor, many of these people would not have had the opportunity to pursue their goals of a career in medicine.

About WUSM

Windsor University School of Medicine is a fully licensed, chartered and accredited Medical School in St. Kitts. Windsor University School of medicine was started in conjunction with the government of St. Kitts and recognized by the Medical Council and Board of Government of St. Kitts. Windsor University School of Medicine is recognized and listed in World Health Organization Directory of Medical Schools. Windsor University School of Medicine is approved by the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Students and United States Medical Licensing Boards for taking board exams in basic and clinical sciences.

Windsor University is running SCHOOL OF MEDICINE with undergraduate programs in Medicine and postgraduate programs in Emergency Medicine, Radiology, Anesthesia, Critical Care and Trauma Surgery. Windsor University is also running The School of Business Management with specialization in Global Economy.
Windsor University School of Medicine runs a vigorous medical program at St. Kitts. Windsor University School of Medicine MD curriculum is developed based on the British and American Medical Schools curricula. The Board of directors and the educational committee of the both undergraduate and postgraduate programs are American Physicians trained in United States in different specialties. Windsor is committed to run world-class standard programs to produce efficient physicians.

Following are our services at a glance:
On behalf of all the physicians, who are on the Board of Directors of the Windsor University School of Medicine (WUSM), I like to thank you for showing interest in attending WUSM.
Before I want to explaining about this opportunity to become physician, I would like to give you some basic Information on WUSM.
1. Loans: Small payment plans, loans with no interest for this course. Payments are like car payments with no interest and no balance due once the student graduates. Windsor works with the payment plans of every student to enable the student stress free while doing course work. Several private loan programs also available.
2. Free dormitories.
3. Free Text books, local transportation
4. . Interest Free Loans
5. Clinical rotations in US hospitals.
6. On line status of students (Attendance, Exams, grades for parents and students performance, Schedules).
7. Intensive USMLE review course on campus in the evenings while in St. Kitts right from the second semester in addition to medical schooling and also mandatory 16 week living and learning intensive USMLE review course at Royal USMLE center
8. Hundreds of practice tests simulating USMLE exams
9. Advantage of working program Directors in residency programs at US hospitals and can obtain good recommendation letters from US Physicians to obtain residency.

We at Windsor would not leave any stone unturned to make the student efficient physicians. I want you to try us. and Take this life time opportunity in becoming a physician and become a specialist in the field of your choice.
I invite you to look at who we are, what we are and where we are is developing this program.
The program and curriculum we offer is similar to US medical School program and Curriculum. Our students have extensive fund of knowledge and are ready to face any challenge in medicine. I would like you to take this opportunity in fulfilling your dream. You join us, and leave your career goals with us. We will guide you and take care of you in making your dream come true. All you need is willing to work hard, study hard and following our academic guide lines.

Whether you are transitioning from another career, you are getting serious about accomplishing your life goal of becoming a physician. Join other students like yourself who are transforming their lives at Windsor. Our programs are designed to assist our students in acquiring a first-rate Medical education. Our faculty is composed of masters, PhD's and physicians who are not just educators, but also exceptional practicing physicians capable of conveying the theoretical as well as practical aspects of the practice of medicine. We are also committed and devoted to helping our students acquire their first job in the medical profession and to assist our alumni in enhancing their career development.

Acquiring a medical education is perhaps one of the most rigorous endeavors that you will ever embark upon. I trust that once you have decided to pursue a medical education, you will also appreciate the opportunities Windsor presents in helping you to attain your goals.

Srinivas Gaddam MD

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