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Basic Sciences course work is completed in five semesters. Biochemistry, Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology, Microbiology, Pathology, Behavioral Sciences, Physical Diagnosis and Introduction to clinical sciences will be the main subjects covered during the course work. Following is the Basic Sciences syllabus and teaching staff uses the below topics as guidelines for teaching the course. This syllabus is subject to change and it is entirely up to the professor and it is at his discretion of any changes in the course work. Every student is required to complete the required exams including the semester ending exams.

  1. Introduction to pathology
  2. Pathology of cell
  3. Inflammation and Repair
  4. Diseases caused by physical and chemical agents
  5. Environmental diseases
  6. Radiation pathology
  7. Nutritional diseases
  8. Degenerative processes
  9. Diseases of aging
  10. Diseases of Homeostasis, shock and heart failure
  11. Necrosis and infarction
  12. Thrombosis and embolism
  13. Neoplasia
  14. Congenital and genetic disorders
  15. Immunopathology
  16. Infectious diseases
  17. Respiratory Pathology
  18. Cardiovascular Pathology
  19. Renal and male genitourinary Pathology
  20. Endocrine pathology
  21. Skin pathology
  22. Breast pathology
  23. Pathology of special senses, eyes, and ear etc.
  24. Diseases of mediastinum and pineal gland
  25. Gastrointestinal pathology
  26. Hepatobiliary pathology
  27. Pathology of female genital system and pregnancy
  28. Diseases of soft tissue and muscle
  29. Diseases of bones and joints
  30. Diseases of blood
  31. Neuropathology
  32. Pathology of diagnosis of infectious diseases
  33. Diseases of childhood
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